Once upon a time, there was a young dentist–we’ll call him “Dr. Faiyaz”. Dr. Faiyaz had just finished dental school and was all ready to fix grown-up teeth for a living. There was a problem, though. Dr. Faiyaz lived in what business people like to call a “saturated market,” with dentists everywhere, and he could not find any good places to work.

One day, a community health center called and wanted Dr. Faiyaz to work for them. The only problem? They wanted him to work with kids! This made Dr. Faiyaz a bit nervous, because he remembered children biting his fingers and coughing on him when he was in dental school. Despite his fears, he gave it a try, and guess what? He loved it! Working with little guys and girls was more fun and rewarding than he could have imagined, and within a few days, Dr. Faiyaz knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Dr. Faiyaz wanted to be the best kid’s dentist around, so he traveled to a magical land called “Denver” to attend a special school where he would learn everything he could about treating children’s teeth. After two years of meeting lots of great families, helping lots of special children, and learning lots about little people teeth, he graduated and went out into the wide world of pediatric dentistry.

“Dr. Faiyaz went to work in a big office with lots of other dentists, but he was not happy there. He felt the big boss did not care about children the way he did, so he left after one year. Dr. Faiyaz decided that the only way to give the best care to his little patients was to open his own office.

After lots of hard work and planning, Stapleton Children’s Dentistry came to be. It is a magical place where parents and children can feel comfortable, smiles abound, and everyone lives happily ever after!